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The MotherToBaby Podcast

Oct 16, 2019

Why are we still talking about Zika virus? Should I still be concerned about it if I'm pregnant and traveling to another country this holiday season? Lorrie Harris-Sagaribay, MPH, a bilingual teratogen information specialist at MotherToBaby North Carolina and Kirstie Perrotta, MPH, a teratogen information specialist at MotherToBaby California join host Chris Stallman, CGC to answer the public's questions about Zika virus, its potential effects during pregnancy and why it's still a critical topic years after its initial outbreak.

This episode contains evidence-based information that's current as of the day published and may change as data emerges. To get the very latest information about this topic in pregnancy/breastfeeding, please contact a MotherToBaby specialist at 866-626-6847, via text message at 855-999-3525 or through